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作者:Kirk Goldsberry
If there's one thing that separates NBA superstars from every other pro bask
etball player, it's their abilities to create their own buckets. An elite gr
oup of players has the ability to take advantage of any sliver of space or t
he slightest opening to the rim -- scoring in ways that leave defenses compl
etely helpless.


The most deflating of these plays come on three types of spectacular moves,
all unassisted and all unstoppable in the right hands: the step-back, the is
o dunk and the deep pull-up 3. The best in the game rely on these moves when
they need a bucket and want to make sure there's nothing you can do about i
t. In a way, they're perfect reflections of the modern game. But they're als
o deeply rooted in their own important basketball lineages.

在所有技巧之中,有三種最無解的招式。 這三種招式分別是後撤步投c


$$00$$$以及超遠三分。 當需要得分打破僵局時,隊中的超級球星往往會選擇這三招來發起進攻
,以將防守的干擾降到最低。 從某種意義上來講,這三招就是現代籃球的縮影。 但同

Here is the evolution of the most unguardable moves in the NBA.


The step-back


Let's start with the go-to move for the NBA's three-time defending scoring c
hampion.James Harden has leveraged his amazing ability to create his own 3-p
oint shots off the bounce for years now. He hunts and pecks with endless dri
bbles -- rocking his body, threatening a dribble-drive. As soon as he notice
s his defender is leaning just a hair the wrong way, he pulls his body back,
gathers up his dribble and fires.

讓我們先從三屆得分王James Harden開始說起。James Harden依賴於他的招牌動作後撤
步技巧來創造三分投籃的空間。 通過反復運球,不斷改變身體重心抑,一旦他發現守球

The numbers are startling. Over the past six seasons, Harden has attempted a
staggering 1,988 step-back 3s. Nobody else in the league has tried more tha
n 800.

在過去的六個賽季內,Harden共出手了1988次後撤步三分。 聯盟沒有任何一名球員的有

We didn't talk much about efficiency in the 1990s, but when we review Jordan
's midrange stats through today's analytical lens, his numbers are astoundin
g. In 1996-97,he led the NBA in midrange attempts and efficiency.

在90年代得分效率這一概念還沒有普及。 但即使以今天的標準來評論Jordan在中距離的
表現,他給出來的數據還是令人非常震驚的。 在1996-97賽季,Jordan在中距離的出手

A decade later, Dirk Nowitzki took the move one step further by adding more
of a step-back element. Nowitzki combined his enormous size with a high rele
ase point and masterful footwork to create his own unstoppable jump-shooting


He rode shots like this all the way to the 2011 NBA championship:


Then came Harden and Stephen Curry, who both used the same principles to do
something outlandish. They exported the unassisted jumper revolution out to
3-point territory, changing the game forever in the process.

之後是Harden和Stephen Curry,他們都使用相同的原理來開創了不同的投法。 他們將

They used ridiculous handles and the threat of rim attacks to destroy their
defenders' balance. But because they were facing the target, they could effe
ctively shoot the ball from distance. By timing their gather with exquisite
footwork, they essentially transitioned from dribblers to 3-point shooters i
n the blink of an eye.By the time defenders realized what they were up to, i
t was too late.

他們利用自己熟練的運球技巧和突破威脅讓防守者失去重心。 由於他們在持球時面向籃
框,所以能保證三分球出手的命中率。 通過精確計算收球的時機以及利用精巧的腳步動


And by the time Luka Doncic was entering the league, the move was officially
a thing. Rather than a relatively simple step-back, now we get stuff like t

在Luka Doncic進入聯盟前,三分後撤步在聯盟已經傳開,而現在後撤步已經進化成了像


Harden and Doncic make this look easy, but it's not. Only six players are ev
en attempting multiple step-back 3s per game, according to Second Spectrum t
Harden和Doncic讓後撤步三分看起來十分簡單,但其實不然。 據SecondSpectrum統計

The unassisted dunk


While the past 10 years in the NBA will be remembered for the 3-point revolu
tion, games are won and lost at the rim, too. Many of the league's most impo
rtant superstars still create their own buckets in the paint, blending power
, size and speed to dunk at will.


While 3s have reshaped the look and feel of pro basketball, one guy being ab
le to put the ball directly into the rim is an extreme luxury in tight playo
ff games.


Interior domination is as old as the NBA itself, and many of the league's fi
rst superstars (George Mikan, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell) used unassiste
d dunks and layups to pave the way for today's greats. But the seminal inter
ior dominator in the 21st century is Shaquille O'Neal, one of the greatest c
enters ever and arguably the single most physically imposing player in NBA h

自NBA聯盟建立以來,場上雙方對於內線的爭奪就沒有停止過。 而許多聯盟初代巨星(
比如Mikan、Chamberlain和Bill Russell)都會在比賽中選擇一對一單打的扣籃或者上
籃來得分,這也為後人奠定了基礎。 但21世紀最具開創性的內線統治者還是非Shaquil
le O'Neal莫屬。 他是NBA歷史上最好的中鋒之一,而且可以說他是NBA史上身體素質最

O'Neal propelled the Lakers to three consecutive titles with dunk after dunk
. If you didn't send the double-team, he'd bump and fake anyone into oblivio
n on the way to a slam like this

O'Neal用他一次又一次的扣籃幫助湖人完成了三連霸。 如果不對他採取包夾,他就會對


LeBron James-- the most visible basketball player on the planet for at leas
t a decade now -- is a threat to do nearly anything on the court. Even at ag
e 36, he's at perhaps his most undeniable when he channels Shaq from the per
imeter. Let James beat the first defender and it often doesn't matter what h
elp defense is coming. He's ready to throw it down.

在過去的十年裡,LeBron James一直是這個聯盟最知名的籃球巨星,無論他在場上做什
麼都會對防守造成威脅。 即使已經36歲,一旦被LeBron過掉第一個防守人,讓他從外線
使用坦克切的方式衝進去,無論什麼樣的補防都無濟於事。 因為他已經準備好將球狠狠


You can see James' influence on two of the league's most imposing younger pl
ayers.leading the league in points in the paint in each of the past three se
asons thanks in large part to his unassisted jams.

三個賽季中,字母哥在禁區得分這一項數據上領跑全聯盟。 而這要歸功於他一對一灌籃


But Antetokounmpo's reign in the paint might be brief. There's a challenger
in New Orleans, and this move is what makes him special.

他的地位發起了強有力的挑戰。 下面充分展示了他的與眾不同。


At age 21,Zion Williamson is averaging nearly 20 points per game in the lane
, emerging as the latest do-it-yourself dunking machine. Like James, he is b
lessed with a tremendous feel for the game. Like O'Neal, he comes equipped w
ith a blend of size and strength that just seems unfair. That combination re
sults in a unique ability to get from the edges to the rim

年僅21歲的Zion平均每場可得近20分。 他也成為新一代的暴扣機器。 對籃球比賽,他
有著和詹姆斯一樣的天生嗅覺,以及擁有和O'Neal一樣的怪獸級別的身體素質, 這兩項

The deeeep pull-up 3


Along with step-back 3s, deep pull-up 3s are among the fastest-growing shot
types in the NBA. Today's best shooters arenow comfortable shooting from di
stances that were deemed absurd just a decade ago.

除了後撤步三分之外,超遠三分也是聯盟裡發展最快的投籃方式之一。 現今聯盟裡頂尖
的投手都已適應了超遠距離的出手。 這在十年前,這樣的出手方式只會讓人覺得荒唐。

Steph Curry normalized this move, but some of his NBA ancestors were pretty
good at it too. One example: Gilbert Arenas, probably the boldest jump-shoot
er of his era, showed the world that shooting from 30 feet wasn't impossible
.Arenas hit big-time buzzer-beaters from outer space throughout his career.

Steph Curry把超遠三分變成了常規的進攻手段,但在他之前也有非常擅長投超遠三分的
球員。 例如:Gilbert Arenas。 他可能是同時期NBA裡最大膽的投手了,他用實際行動


Still, the biggest moment in the league's deep 3 movement happened on a Satu
rday night in Oklahoma City. Curry melted our faces with a 37-foot buzzer-be
ating bomb in one of the 2015-16 season's biggest games.


This was no game of HORSE. This was arguably the biggest moment in the Warri
ors' race for 73 wins, and Curry just pulled up from Neptune to ice the game


Curry will go down as one of the most influential players in league history
for proving that it is possible to be efficient from beyond 30 feet. Since 2
013-14,he has made a ridiculous 37.6% of his 193 attempts from that range. O
n these 10-yard completions,Curry is the most accurate quarterback in the NB

上最有影響力的球員之一。 從2013-14賽季開始,Curry在30英尺外的距離共出手了193
次投籃,命中率為37.6%。 他的命中率是同時期全聯盟最高

But he's not alone. Any conversation about deep 3s needs to includeDamian L
illard, who has ended two playoff series with legendary triples from way dow
ntown. Lillard can't quite match Curry's accuracy, but he's not far behind.
And nobody -- not even Curry -- has made more deep ones than Dame, who has s
unk 140 3s from beyond 30 feet since 2013-14

但在超遠三分方面,Curry並不是一枝獨秀。 談及超遠三分時,Damian Lillard名字總
會被提及。 因為他以兩記史詩級超遠三分絕殺終結了兩輪季後賽。 雖然Lillard超遠三
分的命中率沒有Curry高,但他落後得併不多。 而且據SecondSpectrum統計數據顯示,


One of the best things about pro basketball is that it's constantly evolving
. The world's most influential hoopers find new ways to create their own buc
kets in breathtaking fashion




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